2001 Starlight 39 (Water Damaged Project)

£ 19,950


SOLD - 2001 Starlight 39 (Water Damaged Project).This Starlight suffered the damage when berthed at its marina and a very heavy storm hit. In this incident on viewing of the effected areas it is assumed that all electrics require attention and the hull requires works. Mast, boom, rigging are with it and also require attention. The Starlight suffered the damage in a heavy storm.the water entered the boat on the tide and then dryed. The interior upon first impression is in fair condition. The Starlight 39, designed by Stephen Jones, is generally reckoned to be one of the all time great designs for a cruising yacht. This Project is avaible at a fraction of the cost of a ready to go boat. Inspection of Starlight welcome at Essex Marina. For more information or to arrange a viewing please contact on 01702258885 or email;